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We recommend you to submit to Soft14 using PromoSoft submission program [download now]
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RULES: No affiliates, no tricks, no gambling, online casino, "adult", violence, spam software - this is a family site, thank you. No year or version number within the title (Acme 2005 is rejected). If it is not free, the price is mandatory. Only ONE category is allowed, multiple submits are automatically deleted. Hype, obscenity, too much UPPERCASE within the product name and/or description are not allowed. 
When you attempt to use tricks you are banned. Regrettably we already did this for a few companies. Please understand we want to provide a valuable service to our end users, so we do a strong check on all submissions. If you aren't serious, please don't waste your time and ours. 
Privacy: by submitting to Soft14 you understand you may receive some emails from Soft14, related to Soft14 (no third party). If you don’t want to receive emails from us, please do not submit. 
The submissions are manually reviewed. Please ensure there is a valid email address within your PAD file, otherwise you won’t receive the special email that you will use to confirm the submission and your submission will be discarded. We do not accept anonymous submissions - we already discarded thousands non-confirmed submissions. 
Please don't waste your time (and ours!!), we do actually verify each submission. 
I(We) will retain the copyright of the software; for the descriptions/images/etc. in the PAD I(We) hereby authorize the Soft14 network to use the submitted content and I(We) certify, under penalty of perjury, that this content and the software is DMCA compliant (to continue press CONFIRM): 
Featured submission software 
SHAREWARE TRACKER is a fast submission tool. Over 300 web sites preconfigured for semi-automatic or automatic submission and tracking. 
Featured helpfile software 
ROBOAUTHOR is a professional tool for creating your software documentation. The fastest way for creating an hyperlinked help system, as CHM HTML Help, HLP WinHelp or plain HTML for your Website. 
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What's the PAD? 
This site works with PAD only. Basically PAD is a text file, nothing complicated. PAD is a fast standard for submitting your software to shareware sites. Click here for more info on PAD and for a free PAD-generator software. 
Do you want to submit your software now, but you don't have a PAD file? Click here: you fill a form and we will create for you the PAD file. 
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